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Stack of something(s) finished!!

Ahh…there’s a little less stress around here!

6 cute new notelets!

6 new notetakers

6 new notetakers

Now, on to making some Grab n’Go bags!

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This is a question that MANY people ask ME!

The short answer is – I don’t.

My incredible husband does all sorts of things BESIDES being the Dean of the University of Redlands School of Music. He does just about all the shopping (except fabric of course!) and most of the cooking. Oh, and all the gardening…I used to help with that, but no more. And of course, we live in Southern CA which means things grow 12 months a year. And he’s a handyman extraordinaire, so he fixes most of what breaks around here, as well as build me stuff. Did I mention he’s the principal trombone of the Redlands Symphony, and he’ll be playing a concerto with them on Nov 1st? He is an incredible human being.

My 2 wonderful boys, at 7 & 11 are relatively self sufficient, and do quite well at playing together. Homework could probably be done quicker, and dirty clothes could go into the hamper without umpteen reminders, but they are great kids, and it all gets done in the end.

I hire a house cleaner who comes twice a month. Without this I would go insane. nuff said.

All this allows me time to make things. But I also teach at the University of Redlands (intro Biology classes for non-majors), and the start of every school year just wipes me out. Combine that with the stress of 2-3 upcoming shows, and I’ve been a wreck for the past 3 weeks. I have so many things I want to make, and not nearly enough time! I work towards balancing all these things, and I haven’t found that optimal combination yet. But I keep trying.

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My kid could paint that…

One of the comments I’ve heard about art quilts being shown at a traditional quilt show is the phrase “I could do that, what is so special about this quilt?” I’ve just come across mention of a movie that addresses this type of attitude even more head on:

I MUST see this movie!

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Scoutie Girl Giveaway

Scoutie Girl…is Jan DiCintio, fabulous fabric designer and official finder of all things cool on the internet. She sponsers a giveaway each month, where indie designers donate one of their handmade items. You can enter as many times as you like just by commenting on one of the designers being featured this month. Anyway, I’ve donated one of my notelets to the cause:

Click here to enter to win! Yay, finally a fun giveaway for something funky and fresh!

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Back to the Salt Mines

So, I’ve survived my 1st week back teaching. I love teaching, but I also love making stuff, I just wish there were more hours in the day! I managed to get all the canvas dyed & cut for 20 new bags: 5 each of all 3 sizes of messengers & grab n’gos. All that work looks like this:

Fabric for new bags, all labelled & stacked.

Fabric for new bags, all labelled & stacked.

Next, I’ll cut interfacing & batting, then fuse the back of all these pieces. Only then can sewing actually start. The hope is that I can owrk about an hour a day on this pile, as I’ve got a big show coming up in mid-october. Today, I’ve got to dye webbing for all the handles.

Our 3/4’s grown Sheltie named Stirling does NOT like to swim in our pool, but he tries to be as close as possible to the boys when we’re swimming, so he’s always running around the edge. Look what the boys managed to to with him last night:

Beleive it or not, that looks like a happy Sheltie!

Believe it or not, that looks like a happy Sheltie!

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