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Our dinner was great, and full of friends:

thanksgiving-0311000And I wasn’t kidding about the pie:


Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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Festival of Pie 2005

Festival of Pie 2005

The kitchen is FULL of ingredients, and I’ve begun the holiday baking. We’ll have 10-12 folk at the dinner table, and another 5-10 will join us for dessert later, which we call the “Festival of Pie”! As we can’t leave out anyone’s favorite, we just make them all:

  1. Pumpkin (2)
  2. Apple
  3. Cherry
  4. Mincemeat
  5. Lemon Meringue (with new Meyer lemon’s from our tree – yay Southern California)
  6. Red Coach Grill Chocolate (a.k.a. Uncle Chris’s Favorite, never mind that he’s never had Thanksgiving with us, since the 1st year Andrew & I were married, in 1992).
  7. Sugar Cream (for the Hoosier in all of us)
  8. Sweet Potato Pecan

Bring on the elastic waist pants!

Enjoy the day!

Festival of Pie 2006

Festival of Pie 2006

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Are People Buying?

Yes, Virginia, they are….but, in my vast experience 😉 selling my work (a total of 7 shows now, the 1st one in Spring of 2007), they are buying smaller, less expensive items. The show I did on Sunday was the 2nd I’ve done since the doom & gloom economy forecasts of this Fall. In both cases, I was busy busy busy, talking to folk and writing up sales – but monetarily I did only marginally better than i did at these shows last year. So I look on these shows as successes – more people are enjoying my work, stopping to talk and buying things. It’s just that they’re buying less expensive items. I expected that this was going to be the case, so I found a less expensive silk blank so I could offer a scarf under the $20 price point. It turns out that I love this weight & type of silk, so I’m glad I went looking forward, it’s definitely going to remain in my repertoire as the economy improves (and it WILL improve!!!)

Show us pictures! Well, I’ve got a couple, but I had to do this setup without my husband who was away on business, so this is all I’ve got:





As you can see, it takes place in a beautiful house (pictured on the invite in this post). Although I felt cramped, and had to take little nooks outside the room I was actually in, I still managed to use more space than some of the other folk in the show. And I just now realize I didn’t get a good picture of my little Grab ‘n Gos:


Thanks goodness I blogged about them the other day, because 4 out of 5 of them got up and went!

I didn’t sell a single larger bag, which is a first for me, but these little guys were really popular! I’ve combined my birds with my baubles and am calling them “Baubles & Birds” when they work together.

Guess which one didn’t sell???!!!

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Wish me Luck!

I’ve put a lot of work into this show, and today’s the day!

I spent way too long making these:


grab-n-go-0051000But I Love my new color pallette!



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Stephanie Levy’s Collages

This woman has a fabulous eye for composition! Just the simplest squares and rectangles, combined with her delicious line drawings equals some fabulous work. She’s just added some very affordable giclee prints to her site, please go check her out.

Matisse's Bedroom II Print


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Mega Messengers!

Phew! 5 huge messenger bags made just in time for my show this Sunday. Here are some quick pix, not very good quality, but you get the idea!


15" x 12"x 5", handle adjusts 24"-44", 5 outside pockets, 5 inside pockets, D-ring, key strap, & adjustable buckle closure


I'm using a new key clip, as well as an adjustable squeeze buckle.


Which one is Your Favorite? I'd like to take one for myself, but I can't decide! 😉

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