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Finished & Ready for Creating!

It’s done! I’m all moved in and it is gorgeous! Yes, I know how lucky I am!








Beyond the general de-cluttering, the only real change in here (besides the new floor & baseboards) was swapping out the mirrored sliding closet doors with these simple white curtains I made from some white cotton twill. Our house has these expensive closet doors in every bedroom – I know they’re supposed to make the room look bigger, but I can tell you that here in the sewing room, they didn’t. Probably because they reflected back all the stuff that was in here and made it look even MORE full of stuff. My 7 year old just walked in here and saw the room for the 1st time with the curtain and immediately said that the room looks bigger!

My main reason for doing it was so I could access the whole closet at once, rather than sliding those darn doors back and forth. Often when I’m ironing I park the iron down on the closet shelf, so I need that area open. I can now fill up the whole of the inside without worrying about how to get to large boxes of things right in the middle!

Enough talking, time to get doing!

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Floor Finished!

It looks fabulous! And the lighter color really enlarges the space (of course, the lack of stuff in here helps!) Now to bring all the stuff back in!studio-floor-005400

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I really don’t like not doing things. My definition of a fun vacation is time in a CLEAN ORGANIZED house so I can make some art. God bless my husband, he goes along with my mania…most of the time. Sometimes he even supports it – I got bamboo flooring for my studio for Christmas!!!! And now we’ll install it! Yay! Today I cleared out what I HAD to, and covered everything else with plastic drop cloth. Here are before pix:


“But Candy!” you say…”You already have lovely hard floors in there anyway!”

Well, yes & no. Our 1st Christmas here 4 years ago my hubby made me the rolling cutting table on the left in the 1st picture and can lights for Christmas. While we were roaming around in Lowe’s picking up something for the can installation we literally ran into a pile of el-cheapo plastic laminate floor, and we snapped it up and installed it. I works for me – I can roll around and it’s easy to sweep, but we didn’t get the floor level enough when we installed it  – the dip in the floor bothers my husband, plus the floor is breaking up in a couple of places:


So out it goes tomorrow! I think we’ll even install the baseboard when we’re done this time! Also very exciting is the fact that I’ve finally convinced hubby to take the dreaded sliging mirror closet doors out for good. I’m going to hang a curtain instead so I can have access to the whole closet at once when I’m working, and then the curtain will act as a photo backdrop when it’s closed.

Bring on the Advil!

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Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Max,

Since you’re less than one year old, what you’ll like most about Christmas is the wrapping paper and boxes…you won’t give a hoot about what’s inside them.  I made something for your room for you – so instead of sending it to Massachusetts just so it could get sent back to your home in Idaho, I’ll send it straight there! Plus, I just finished it this morning! Anyway, here are some pix of it:




You’ll definitely know all the colors of the rainbow, and how a color wheel works long before any of your peers! When I was making your tree quilt this summer, I had to do a practice bird to make sure I liked what I I was planning to do on your quilt, and it sparked a birdie obsession! So I thought it only fitting that I add some more birds to your room! I KNOW your Mom will love them, and your poor Dad will have to figure out how to mount them to the ceiling, but heck, that’s what Dads are for.

Merry Christmas to you and all my family back home. I wish I were there to wake everyone up early so we could open presents!!!!

Love, Auntie Candy

p.s. I hope you & your Mom & Dad had an uneventful journey today! Please sleep a lot, they need the rest 😉   LOL


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Quail quArt!

At the YMCA show I did earlier this month, a couple of the Going Green totes I made had birds with little curliques on their heads & tails:


A woman walking by was taken by them, and commissioned me to make an 8″ x 10″ piece of quArt for her mother who loved quail! Now, these birdies weren’t specifically quail before, but after she said that – they’re quail in my mind! Anyway, we talked a bit about colors (green, burgundy, bronze & soft brown) and she left me to it!

Contemplating what to do, I realized something about how my art making process has evolved…turns out it’s easier for me to work if I pull some colors out and work on several pieces at once. It makes the decision process not so agonizing, and I can pop pieces back and forth as I go. Lately I’ve been working like this inorder to produce multiple pieces for a show, but it was equally helpful while only doing one! Also, my client would now have a few to choose from!

Here’s what I ended up with:


quArt: Baubles & Birds #2


quArt: Baubles & Birds #1


quArt: Baubles & Birds #3


quArt: Baubles & Birds #4

The client was by today to pick hers out…I’m sure that her recipient doesn’t read this blog, so I felt safe blogging about them before Christmas! Can you guess which one she chose?

Of course it WOULD be the one with a slightly blurry photo I only notice after its gone!!!!!  😉  #2!

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I’ve been hard at work, trying to get a bunch of Going Green Totes done before the USPS mailing deadline of Saturday comes & goes. Of course, since I was making “some” why not make more so I have a few for my shop? Wacky, I know…but behold the fruits of my labors:

I’ve grouped them 2 ways, by size & by color – I made 23 in all! I bought the totes as blanks from Dharma Trading, then hand dyed them a single color, with some nice scrunchy texture. I then embellished them with a single piece of hand dyed fabric and a free motion quilted simple sketch of something nature-like. One thing that is interesting is that when I was deciding upon which color accent fabric for each bag, I had the bags spread all throughout the room. When I group them by color I noticed how often I chose the same accent!

I’ve taken lots of pix and will probably write a tutorial on how this is done, if anyone is interested. I’m also submitting this post to Sew Mam Sew’s “Holidays @ Home”, which is full of fun holliday ideas.

But right now, it’s back to the sweat shop!

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Opinions needed

So, I’ve just listed 3 messenger bags in my etsy shop. All my previous listings I’ve had one item/listing. This time I show all 3 messenger bags in one listing, with a front view picture of each individual bag and then using a single collage to illustrate all the details of the bags like this:

Messenger bag detail collage

Messenger bag detail collage

Rather than show all these details of each particular bag in it’s own listing. It sure makes the process easier, but I’m worried it may take away the unique aspect of each of my bags – what do you think?

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