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Opinions needed

So, I’ve just listed 3 messenger bags in my etsy shop. All my previous listings I’ve had one item/listing. This time I show all 3 messenger bags in one listing, with a front view picture of each individual bag and then using a single collage to illustrate all the details of the bags like this:

Messenger bag detail collage

Messenger bag detail collage

Rather than show all these details of each particular bag in it’s own listing. It sure makes the process easier, but I’m worried it may take away the unique aspect of each of my bags – what do you think?

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That’s it, I’m done! No more shows for me! Last week was hard, with 4 days of selling added on top of teaching my last week of classes. And, I probably won’t do those 2 shows again – but it was worth it this year, as my little business is “in the black” for this year! WooHoo! Now it’s on to finishing that pesky grading and making lots of Christmas presents! Next Saturday is the last day to get priority mail boxes sent out in time for Christmas delivery, so I’ve got my deadline!

And, becasue you can’t have a blog entry without pictures, below are some outtakes from this years Chrstmas card photo shoot:xmas-1





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