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Finished & Ready for Creating!

It’s done! I’m all moved in and it is gorgeous! Yes, I know how lucky I am!








Beyond the general de-cluttering, the only real change in here (besides the new floor & baseboards) was swapping out the mirrored sliding closet doors with these simple white curtains I made from some white cotton twill. Our house has these expensive closet doors in every bedroom – I know they’re supposed to make the room look bigger, but I can tell you that here in the sewing room, they didn’t. Probably because they reflected back all the stuff that was in here and made it look even MORE full of stuff. My 7 year old just walked in here and saw the room for the 1st time with the curtain and immediately said that the room looks bigger!

My main reason for doing it was so I could access the whole closet at once, rather than sliding those darn doors back and forth. Often when I’m ironing I park the iron down on the closet shelf, so I need that area open. I can now fill up the whole of the inside without worrying about how to get to large boxes of things right in the middle!

Enough talking, time to get doing!

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