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Citrus Celebration

One of the reasons I love my hometown is the Inland Orange Conservancy: an organization dedicated to saving the old local groves that grow fantastic oranges that aren’t pretty enough for SunKist to buy. When you become a member, you receive 10 pounds of oranges every week during the season, and if you don’t eat them,they’re donated to local food banks. Every spring they have an event in an old grove that lets you taste all these amazing citrus varieties and just revel in the orange-blossom-ness of our town. When we went yesterday, a reporter caught a good picture of my older son Liam trying what looks like a blood orange – and his picture made the story! Pretty cool!


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Happy Easter!

Well, the Easter Bunny has come & gone, leaving behind a spider web of string for the boys to follow to their baskets, as well as plenty of eggs outside to hunt. Now a peaceful day, full of chocolate and reading until Daddy gets home from playing his Easter gig. And later, a leg of lamb dinner! Here are some pix of our fun morning!

Liam very intent

Liam very intent

Easter 061

Logan carefully winding up the string

Easter 065

Will we ever find the basket?

Easter 077

Stirling says "what the heck are they doing?"

Easter 118

Logan gets the prize for finding the OLDEST egg - this one is from LAST YEAR! (No, we didn't open it...)

Easter 115

This butterfly remained like this for the whole hunt - just warming up, or newly out of his cocoon?

Easter 089 Easter 090Easter 100Easter 102Easter 106Easter 127Easter 120 Easter 132Easter 128Easter 131

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