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Clutch 009

Well, this one have been brewing in my head for like 6 months now! Finally got some done! It’s a teeny bit wider and a teeny bit longer than my Grab n’Go bags – 5.5” wide & 4” tall. Big enough for a cell phone, PDA, keys, wallet and sunglasses:

Clutch 005

The big difference is the strap: held on with claw hooks it is adjustable and removable, so it can be worn 2 different ways:

Clutch 012 Clutch 013

as well as in hour hand, or clipped to your larger bag:

 Clutch 017 Clutch 018

Yes, my model is just out of the bath and ready for story, so not to happy to be standing still!

I’m happy with how these turned out!

Clutch 002 Clutch 003

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Really quick – the festival was fun. It was held here:

orange muffin 086

My good friend Liz came with her “raggy” quilts, button jewelry and little bags made from recycled ties:

orange muffin 068

As it was only 3 hours, I “only” took bags, notetakers, scarves and mini art quilts:orange muffin 073

One of the hardest things about selling scarves (well anything really, but especially the scarves) is display. Here you can see the rack I use to hold more scarves:orange muffin 074

I’m busy getting ready for a full blown day of selling at Red Dirt Art Festival this Saturday, and don’t forget to enter my celebratory giveaway! One more day til the comments close (gee, I hope I can figure out how to do that!)

I don’t show my face too often (I prefer being behind the camera) but here’s a half decent picture, so I thought I’d say HI!

orange muffin 094

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