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Post # 100!

Well, I can hardly believe it – but this is my 100th post! It kinda snuck up on me, and then I got “blog-block”, as I pondered what I could post about. As you may, or may not know, I’m a scientist, so data is always fascinating to me, so I thought I’d do a “Top Ten Random Bits of Info About This Here Blog” kind of list. I’d also like to thank people who’ve helped & inspired me to begin blogging in the 1st place, so I’ll have a list of those people too! And THEN, I’ll host a little celebratory giveaway as well, and not advertise it ANYWHERE but right here on the blog, so it will definitely favor the regular blog readers out there! Phew! A big post, but I’m up to the task…are you?

“Top Ten Random Bits of Info About This Here Blog”

  1. It took me 11 months to write 100 posts, so that’s an average of 9 posts a month, or over 2 a week. Of course, some weeks I had lots to say, and others I was kinda quiet, but not too shabby.
  2. I’ve had 22,700 views (I have no idea if wordpress stats include reads on a feed reader, that’s on my list of things to figure out…) but anyway – WOW! That’s an average of 227 views/post!
  3. My views have on average been growing the longer I keep blogging: 8,000 in 6 months of last year vs. 15,000 in 5 months this year.
  4. 441 people have commented (97 in response to my 1st giveaway), to that means that 345 times someone reading my blog felt they needed to respond to it – thank you, kind commenters!
  5. WordPress rocks: I’ve been protected by 276 spam comments, in a very painless manner.
  6. The post with the most traffic is the one where I describe how we made my dual sewing table: 3073 views! I hope it helps people make their own sewing table from $50 of lumber, rather than pay 1000’s for those particleboard covered with plastic things that never are exactly what you want anyway!
  7. The 2nd most popular post is the Recover an Office Chair tutorial, with 782 views. Note to self, get cracking on those tutes you’ve got planned (I even have all the photos for one…)
  8. Here’s a weird one, while the # 1 search term that finds my blog is “Candied Fabrics”, a close 2nd is “Bergamot”! Weird! I talk about bergamot when I made Liz’s Teahouse, but I’m confused as to  why someone looking for info on bergamot would click on over to my blog…
  9. Hours spent writing blogs – there’s NO WAY I’m want to know that!
  10. Most faithful commenter…although I don’t actually have numbers on this one, I’ll bet it’s my stepsister Pam!

“Top Ten Bloggers I’d Like to Thank (in alphabetical order!)”

  1. Beth of Sew, Mama, Sew!, especially for the mention of my sewing table that generates so many hits.
  2. Jan of Daisy Janie & Scoutie Girl: She is a wealth of info on all things sewing business related.
  3. Jane Davila of Chary Sprouts: I love her quiet, consistent style, and her Art House was a huge inspiration for mine, and started me down the road to 3-d art – I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m loving the journey!
  4. Jena of Modish & Modish Biz Tips: Lots of info on the indie design world and fabulous helpful starting your own  business tips.SHe lit a fire under my behind – I’ve purchased my domain name and have begun designing my own website!
  5. Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio: I’ve had great fun pattern testing for her, she’s gracious enough to let me sell notetakers made with one of those patterns, and she answers ALL my nosy questions about how her she’s developing her own fantastic business.
  6. Kathreen of Whip Up: Mentions on this blog also drive up the hit counts – woohoo!
  7. Lisa Call: She has amazing drive, and her personal story of developing her art is truly inspiring.
  8. Melody of Fibermania: Hands down, she has shared so much about artistic process on her blog – she truly is the person who has most allowed me to develop as an artist.
  9. Robin of Simply Robin: She pushed me to begin blogging by starting a group blog, and inspires me with every post she writes.
  10. Sue Bleiweiss: Her creative way of using Timtex (and it’s cheap cousin Peltex) get’s me thinking about textiles in a whole new way.

Another Celebratory Giveaway!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re in for a treat! I’d like to give away another Going Green Tote…so:

Going Green

  • Leave a comment by next Tuesday (June 2). Let me know what your favorite post on this here blog was, or really, anything at all on this blog that you like…if there’s nothing here that you like…then why are you here? 😉
  • Be sure to include contact info – if I don’t here back from you after notification by July 2, I’ll move on to someone else. ( international folks, I’d like you to help with postage if you win…ok?)
  • One entry per person – this means you Pam! 😉

And to ALL the folks that read my blog – thank you so much, I know I wouldn’t have kept this up if I was only talking to myself…and I know that blogging has helped me develop, artistically, and business-wise too! 3 cheers for the blog-o-sphere!

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