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Inspiration Bookhou

Do you know bookhou?

It is an artistic collaboration between Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth. They have both a website and a brick & mortar store in Toronto.

Their aesthetic is clean and spare, with wonderful screen printed sketches on lusciously textured linen. What 1st drew me to them is their fabric boxes, there’s something about making a structured shape from fabric that really excites me, and these are fabulous:

image   image


 They also have wonderful bags:




What’s that fabulous house shape behind the bag you say?

It’s these:


Because they also work in wood!

Look at this awesome kids chair:


and the incredible texture on this bench:


You may remember that I’ve been quite enamored of the house shapes lately! Well, those wood houses were in my mind while working on my Robin Ferrier inspired quilt “Robin’s Neighborhood”, especially those wee little green houses on the navy blue on the right hand side:

robin finished 2 copy

And if the wonderful inspiration from them weren’t enough, I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a giveaway they just had of a prototype for a new bag:


That folds up into it’s own little storage bag:


Thank you Arounna & John!!!!

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