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Balancing it all

First of all, thanks for all  the AMAZINGLY positive comments on my photography efforts of the other day. I’m pretty sure I answered each one individually, but please know that I am so happy that the pictures look great to you all, and that the palette idea works the way I want it to! I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that by the time I’m done with a photo, I no longer know if it looks good, and external validation is needed! So, thank you! I feel validated! 😉

And then…look what I woke up to yesterday!


Yup, my houses were featured on Design Hole! How exciting! Not only is it fun and head swelling to have some other blogger feature you, it also is marketing, something which is…work! I’ve explained to my husband how I actually HAVE to spend time reading & commenting on blogs…it’s market research and development – I’m clever, aren’t I 😉 What started as fun entertainment has now turned into part of my career as an artist! Any old who, this Design Hole mention kicked me in the pants with a reminder of my main point of this little business is to be able to financially support my artistic endeavors, and to continue to grow as an artist. So although half of me wants to dye and photograph the other 10 palettes I’m working with right now…I really NEED to make some more of these houses this summer, and let the business of Candied Fabrics take a little back seat action!

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