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Guest Post on Hue

Hello again! I’m a guest poster over on Hue, the color-centric design blog of Rachel Perls. She’s on vacation in Tuscany, lucky gal, while all I’ve got is this shirt:


Actually, my post is all about trying to match hues on silk, rayon and cotton…go take a look!



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Birdus interruptus! I’ve been having so much fun taking pix of these little guys and using all my fancy dancy new software…but today I’ve got to post my Modish Biz-Tips monthly goal meetup. Well, September flew past, but I AM getting some things done! Darn that day job though! (Kidding – Love my day job, couldn’t eat or wear clothes without it)

Item Date Due % Done
Tote for Pam 9/7/09 100%
Tote/Grab n’go for Tara 9/7/09 100%
Computer bag for Davida 9/2/09 100%
Small quilt for RAA Animal Show 9/18/09 100%
Laptop bag for Mary 9/30/09 0%
3-d Birdhouses 9/30/09 0%
3-d Row Houses 9/30/09 0%
Dye lots of scarves & fabric 9/30/09 80%
4 Baby Quilts 9/30/09 0%
Large Messenger for ME! 9/30/09 0%
Sept RAA Newsletter 9/8/09 100%
Photograph Scarves for website ?? 70%
Order Scarves 9/15/09 100%
Design/order business cards 9/15/09 100%
Design/order banner 9/15/09 100%
Website?? 9/30/09 ?
RAA Newsletter 9/7/09 100%
Looking Ahead for Shows:    
Going Green Baby Onesies 10/15/09 40%
Going Green Totes 10/15/09 40%
Small quArt: Branch & Bird series! 10/15/09 100%
Simple Totes 10/15/09 0%
More Going Green Scribblers 10/15/09 0%

I’ve now got to switch gears and focus on the smaller stuff that I have a larger chance of selling. I’m sad that the baby quilts that are presents for beautiful new babes are going to languish on my list for a couple more months…

Item Date Due % Done
Dye lots of scarves & fabric 10/15/09 80%
New, simple portfolio printed 10/15/09 0%
Label everything for sale in booth 10/15/09 0%
2-3 Cool Large Totes 10/15/09 0%
3 Cool Messengers 10/15/09 30%
Oct RAA Newsletter 10/13/09 0%
Going Green Baby Onesies 10/15/09 40%
Going Green Totes 10/15/09 40%
Small quArt: Natural Silhouettes 10/15/09 0%
Simple Totes 10/15/09 0%
More Going Green Scribblers 10/15/09 0%
Laptop bag for Mary 10/30/09 0%
3-d Birdhouses 10/30/09 0%
3-d Row Houses 10/30/09 0%
Photograph Scarves for website ?? 70%
Website?? ?? ?
Baby Quilts 10/30/09 0%
Large Messenger for ME! 10/30/09 0%

Yikes, sure looks like a lot of stuff to get done…I know it won’t ALL get done, but baby, if I’ve got some free time, I’ve got a huge LIST of things to pick from!

The biggest show I do each year is coming right up:clip_image001


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Chartreuse Branch & Bird

Here they are, the penultimate set of birdies!

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Open Studio Day!

The folks over at Quilting Arts/Cloth, Paper, Scissors are hosting an open studio event this coming weekend. They publish a couple of drool=worthy issues featuring artists studios, and want to celebrate the release of the current one by getting folks the world round to open up THEIR studios! What fun…I’ve showed off my studio before, but I’m going to use this opportunity to post my 1st video!


I’m having a bit of technical difficulty getting it uploaded, and I see that lots of folks are dropping be and looking for my studio, so until I get the video problem fixed I also have a pictorial tour of my studio from right after we put new flooring in at Christmas time CLICK HERE to get the text and more images..




Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by!

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Plum Branch & Bird

Without further ado, I present the Plum Birdies:

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Gold Branch & Birds

1st, under the file of “Things my awesome husband does for me” is this:

He always supports my need for bigger, stronger, faster computing! He’s been adding oomph to my Franken Computer since last Christmas, and the final thing we needed was a faster video card. Well, the new one has outputs for 2 monitors, and ever since my awesome find of this huge new monitor floor model at Best Buy we’ve had an extra monitor kicking around, so it’s all hooked up. And now my computer doesn’t slow down when I’m asking photoshop to do awesome things!

Here’s another batch of birds, fresh off the ironing board:

I’m making more!

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Teal Branch & Birds

Here’s my 1st batch! These are all 5” x 5”, and imaginatively named “Branch & Bird # 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5”.

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