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Organic test dye #1

Well, I’m working through the backlog of photos in my to-be-blogged folder! One of my goals has been to start using organic fabrics. I finally found some white organic cotton sateen that wasn’t too expensive, and put a couple of yards through some side by side tests with 2 of my usual PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabrics as well as some non-PFD Kona muslin. I dyed all 4 fabrics in the same dye pot for the single color ones, and side by side for the painted fabrics. The single color fabrics are dyed to test the fabrics ability to allow patterning and mottling to happen as well as overall uptake. The painted fabrics are dyed so I can really see the fabrics ability to support color movement and mixing.


Organic-PFD-test_0006 Organic-PFD-test_0017

Yes, I was VERY disappointed. Seriously, WTF? I really did not expect to see such a marked decrease in color saturation. Granted, the fabric is NOT marked as PFD, but I (wrongly) assumed that organic fabric would have less processing, thus less chance there’s some finish that would interfere with the dye uptake. I’ve been emailing someone who has dyed this sateen in the past, and she says there’s some sort of soy softener they use in the finishing process.

So, the search continues!

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