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Freshly Picked

One of the new things I’ve been working on for a big show that’s coming far too quickly is something for the wee ones of the world. I found some lovely soft, snuggly snap crotch rompers (onesies if they’ve been made by Gerber) made from Organic cotton – woohoo! I dyed up a couple of batches, embellished them with a patch that I free motion quilt a like natural motif and Voila! Cute, and freshly picked! I’ve got some wee socks I’ve dyed as well, and I’ll sell each romper with a pair of socks that matches the patch…but I was too excited to show you them to get the socks attached cutely, so here they are:

If you need to see even MORE, I’ve put them all up on Flickr:

Are these way too cute, or am I just hallucinating?

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So, not only did a few of you just LOVE the photo of Ciana, my friend Julie’s baby who is wearing her recent gift from me, it turns out that sometimes these tie dye baby gifts turn out to be loved for years! 7 years ago my friend Rachel had a girl, Miriam, and I sent out some tie dye. I had a message from her just a couple of weeks ago that her younger daughter Natanya, who is 4, ended up selecting Miriam’s flannel receiving blanket I had sent out years ago as THE BLANKIE! And…THE BLANKIE had been lost – could I make another?

Well, OF COURSE! It’s nice to know the gifts we make with our hands are appreciated, and if they are THE comfort item, well then, they MUST be replaced. Anyway, here are 2 differnt flannel blankies I made, I hope one of them is close enough for Natanya to accept as a substitute!


Natanya-1 Natanya-2 Natanya-3

After posting these pix, I see that I have serendipitously placed the pix so you can see that the 2 blankies were dyed in the same tub – neat!

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