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Guest Post on Hue

Hello again! I’m a guest poster over on Hue, the color-centric design blog of Rachel Perls. She’s on vacation in Tuscany, lucky gal, while all I’ve got is this shirt:


Actually, my post is all about trying to match hues on silk, rayon and cotton…go take a look!


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A New Palette

One of the tools in my toolbelt is to choose a limited palette and work with it. One of the issues that used to stymie me was that as a fabric dyer, I could literally have any color I wanted – the overwhelming amount of choices would freeze me. I discovered the joy of working with a limited palette 3+ years ago as I began making quArt. I worked with my warm palette for quite a long time, and found it very freeing!

Warm-Pallette  Nicholle baby copy Clutch Warm Colors_0011 copy Going Green Journals Warm Fan copy

Nicholle Construction copy

The point is that I can work with these colors in all different modes of textile art, the work in one area feeds the work in another! I still love working with these colors, but my very first custom bag customer asked for a red bag – turns out she was actually talking about the deep dark orange I use, but I dyed some lovely red canvas, and made her bag:

Which was lovely…but I wanted to come up with a new set of colors that brings out the cools tones of red, thus my “cool” palette:Cool-Pallette

Grab n Go 0061000


Home is Where the Art is_ Aurora 0203189319119_8ffbb1e456_b

Well, this is all a long way to say that I’m contemplating another set of colors: There’s a certain plum and dark tealy-turquoise I’ve been trying to dye, and I finally hit on the what I’m looking for. Here’s a 1st glance at another palette I’m calling the Jewels:


I can’t wait to see what I can make with this!

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