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Halloween 2009

Boy, did we have fun!

Pumpkins were carved:


Our 1st trick or treater was a really cute Saint Bernard named Maren:

The evil dentist, his assistant and his patient get ready for trick or treating:

The evil dentist then plays trombone at the Redlands Halloween celebration, some folks go all out.

Phew! LONG day! Even more pictures here.

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Getting in the Spirit!

Hooray – Halloween is on a Saturday…we’ve got all of tomorrow for pumpkin carving, costume making…no Halloween decorating for me though, I’m just not that into it. In fact, I’m not much into decorating for any specific holiday, except Christmas. I love making my house look good, and I like changing it…but now for a holiday. One big reason: storage! Where does all the stuff go when it’s not out and around the house? Another reason: time. Big surprise, I like to do things myself, and I usually run out of time.

Case in point – my kids Halloween costumes. I abhore store bought costumes, always have, I used to make some pretty crazy contraptions in my youth. (I remember making myself into a Hershey’s kiss with oaktag, a stapler, masking tap and tinfoil. Where are the old pictures when you need them???) Any old who, I’ve made costumes for my boys since Liam was an 8 month old Piglet. As they’ve grown older, I’ve tried to include them more and more in process. But I do encourage them to re-wear the better ones from year to year.  SO I had a fun digging out photos from my hard drive, so here’s a look at the Glendening family through their digital years. If you need to see more, I’ve but a whole load here, but for most of you, I’m sure these will suffice!


Liam is 4.5, Logan is 6 months. After 3 years a “Blue” from Blue’s Clues (no digital pix, but you’ll see the costume in a couple of years!) Liam really wanted to be a red Kangaroo, so of course Logan had to be a Joey! We went trick or treating at the Columbus Zoo and the boys got Lots of smiles!



Dear God, is he the cutest baby ever, or what?



Instant replay! WooHoo, THAT was an easy year!

October 098

Sigh…look at the awesome hardwood floors in our old house in Ohio…moving on

October 096

October 090


Here’s Liam’s Blues Clues Costume, back on Logan! Liam was a mad scientist – easy peasy, borrowed a lab coat and geeky looking science plastic stuff & driy ice from my work. Phew! They were both happy!

Boo 004 Boo 005 Boo 007


Our 1st year in CA, Liam was a werewolf, Logan wanted to be Blue AGAIN, and I’d left the costume behind in OH, so had to make ANOTHER one! Oh and…it’s  still hot in CA on Oct 31!

Halloween 2004 043

Halloween 2004 027 Halloween 2004 026


Gotta love a good thing! Logan was Blue AGAIN! Liam wanted to be a vampire…so I made a nice cape in hopes it would be used for dress up as well as Halloween. They haven’t used it for dress up (they were never that into that) but it’ll be seen again!

IMG_5789 IMG_5790

Liam didn’t like the plastic fangs…


No more Blue from Blue’s Clues! But LOOK, the kangaroo costume is back, and it’s year # 2 for the vampire – this year Liam allowed more makeup and wore the fangs. And if you look closely, you’ll see that Logan’s beloved corduroy has his OWN little kangaroo costume! Can I hear a big AAAWWW!


IMG_6814 IMG_6813


As the boys get older, their ideas get more elaborate! This year needed a LOT of help from Daddy as they made the “Spooky Express”. I was not very present for this year, having just finished doing my 2nd ever show, the big one I just finished 2 weeks ago. And, I totally caved on the no buying things this year. I bought the hats for both boys as well as the watch on a chain for Logan. We were very lucky to have the navy suit jacket as a hand me down in the closet.

Halloween 07 007Halloween 07 010

Halloween 07 004


This was the year of way too much stress. My hubby was playing a concerto the very next night, I’d just finished Art for Heaven’s Sake, the costumes really got the short shrift this year. All I got was one picture, with only Logan in his costume, a “caveman” costume that was just a piece of fleece, cut and pinned to stay on. Liam was a vampire again, but had a “gig”, playing with his jazz band in the middle of the center of town trick or treat extravaganza.

Halloween 08 (4) Halloween 08 (5)

Let’s hope I get more pictures this year! If I do, you know you’ll see them here!

P.S. I just re-read the entry I referred to just the paragraph above, and it seems that a year ago, I didn’t feel like putting too much family stuff on the blog, and I didn’t want to blog if I weren’t blogging about making things. 1 year later I say HAH! to that! I’m now delighted when I have time to share some of the things & people I find are inspirational, and now am limited by time, not intent. What has changed in that year? I think that last year my blog felt like a diary, and now it feels like a conversation. I LOVE THIS CHANGE and am so HAPPY that it’s happened. Don’t look now, folks, Candy just had a big  “a-Hah!” moment!

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Happy Easter!

Well, the Easter Bunny has come & gone, leaving behind a spider web of string for the boys to follow to their baskets, as well as plenty of eggs outside to hunt. Now a peaceful day, full of chocolate and reading until Daddy gets home from playing his Easter gig. And later, a leg of lamb dinner! Here are some pix of our fun morning!

Liam very intent

Liam very intent

Easter 061

Logan carefully winding up the string

Easter 065

Will we ever find the basket?

Easter 077

Stirling says "what the heck are they doing?"

Easter 118

Logan gets the prize for finding the OLDEST egg - this one is from LAST YEAR! (No, we didn't open it...)

Easter 115

This butterfly remained like this for the whole hunt - just warming up, or newly out of his cocoon?

Easter 089 Easter 090Easter 100Easter 102Easter 106Easter 127Easter 120 Easter 132Easter 128Easter 131

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all! I’m busy working away in my newly fabulous sewing room, I’ve got a baby shower gift due in a week…not to mention that I’m throwing the shower! But I wanted to say hey, and in the spirit of the new year, post my “inclinations” (the word “resolutions” has too much baggage and expectations in it for me).

To keep it short and simple, I’m inclined to get myself and my little business out there in the blog-o-sphere more this year.

  • I want to give back to the world I’ve learned so much from, so I’d like to write up a few tutorials – the 1st of which will be how I make my “going green” totes.
  • I’ve also purchased my 1st ad! On Scoutie Girl – check it out, I’m so official!
  • I’m also going to write a series of posts on the artists that have inspired me. I’d love to acknowledge all the great people out there sharing with random folk who happen upon their space.

That’s it, in a nutshell.

And because no post is complete without a picture:

Recursive Study #1, the first art quilt I sold, less than a year ago!

Recursive Study #1, the first art quilt I sold, less than a year ago!

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Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Max,

Since you’re less than one year old, what you’ll like most about Christmas is the wrapping paper and boxes…you won’t give a hoot about what’s inside them.  I made something for your room for you – so instead of sending it to Massachusetts just so it could get sent back to your home in Idaho, I’ll send it straight there! Plus, I just finished it this morning! Anyway, here are some pix of it:




You’ll definitely know all the colors of the rainbow, and how a color wheel works long before any of your peers! When I was making your tree quilt this summer, I had to do a practice bird to make sure I liked what I I was planning to do on your quilt, and it sparked a birdie obsession! So I thought it only fitting that I add some more birds to your room! I KNOW your Mom will love them, and your poor Dad will have to figure out how to mount them to the ceiling, but heck, that’s what Dads are for.

Merry Christmas to you and all my family back home. I wish I were there to wake everyone up early so we could open presents!!!!

Love, Auntie Candy

p.s. I hope you & your Mom & Dad had an uneventful journey today! Please sleep a lot, they need the rest 😉   LOL


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Our dinner was great, and full of friends:

thanksgiving-0311000And I wasn’t kidding about the pie:


Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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Festival of Pie 2005

Festival of Pie 2005

The kitchen is FULL of ingredients, and I’ve begun the holiday baking. We’ll have 10-12 folk at the dinner table, and another 5-10 will join us for dessert later, which we call the “Festival of Pie”! As we can’t leave out anyone’s favorite, we just make them all:

  1. Pumpkin (2)
  2. Apple
  3. Cherry
  4. Mincemeat
  5. Lemon Meringue (with new Meyer lemon’s from our tree – yay Southern California)
  6. Red Coach Grill Chocolate (a.k.a. Uncle Chris’s Favorite, never mind that he’s never had Thanksgiving with us, since the 1st year Andrew & I were married, in 1992).
  7. Sugar Cream (for the Hoosier in all of us)
  8. Sweet Potato Pecan

Bring on the elastic waist pants!

Enjoy the day!

Festival of Pie 2006

Festival of Pie 2006

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