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Although I’ve been back from Yellowstone National Park for a month, I’ve just started to scratch the surface of all the picture I took! I’m hoping to get a lot of inspiration for new color combinations, both for my scarves as well as my quilts. Here’s the 1st palette from Yellowstone, created from a picture I took of what was the most spectacular blue pool, called Sapphire pool, located in the  Biscuit Basin.


Amy, from the blog Things We Make, has a series called “Inspired Image”, where she asks an artist some questions about, wait for it… an inspiring image! 😉 Any old who, this picture & my response can be found over there! Amy created this blog as “a place for artists, artisans and crafters to show off their work and share what inspires their creativity”. It’s a wonderful site to spend some time. Thanks Amy!

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Inspiration: Scoutie Girl

I’ve mentioned this blog before…and it’s worth repeating…Scoutie Girl rocks!

What is Scoutie Girl? In their own words…

Scoutie Girl is the blog with a penchant for the passionately handmade. We feature original design – from both emerging and established crafters – to enrich your life.

Here’s the big whoop & why you should care:
Mindless consumption of mass-produced consumer products is ____________________ (fill in the blank). On this side of the fence, we’re tired of the (usually) substandard & (usually) overpriced inventory available at Big Box Marts. We prefer unique, handmade items made in the USA. By nature, indie designers are selective and purposeful – there’s no glory in gluttony in the indie market. We’re proud of our one-at-a-time, one-of-a-kind production methods that yield fabulously original goods. And there are plenty of them out there! Keep checking back to see what Scoutie Girl has dug up for you.

Scoutie Girl

Their mission statement  (a.k.a. “The Dirt”) truly rings a chord in my heart, and describes well what and why I do what I do. I love all that they do to support us indie artists, and am so happy that in a recent Craft Nouveau poll, they came in as #1! Actually, this whole list is definitely a who’s who in the world of awesome craft blogs, so if you’re in the mood to do a little surfing, sit back, relax and have at it! Thanks Craft Nouveau…I think! 😉

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Inspiration: Daisy Janie


She had me at “Bloom”.

Daisy Janie is Jan DiCintio, surface designer and blogger extraordinaire. I came across her work 1st when (I think) I was Flickring (is that a word? If not, it SHOULD be!) through handmade bag pictures. A few years ago she was making awesome bags, and started designing fabric for those bags. Jump ahead to today, and she’s left the bag making business (I wonder why? Um, no, I don’t…making bags is hard work!) and is designing & selling her own line fabric, most of which is available in organic cotton canvas, or organic hemp/cotton. Anyway, the colors she uses in Bloom are just incredible, and just my sort of palette. Couple her gorgeous color with a bold use of line that is casual, but still sharp, and she creates patterns that make my heart sing.


Annika has the most incredible crimson red that contrasts so well with that awesome chartreuse (becasue, as we all know, Chartreuse is the new neutral!)

image One of my all time fave combos, blue & brown just hits the spot in this Boxwood.

imageI could go on, and on, every single fabric is just awesome. But even more awesome is the incredible amount of work she put in to finding and featuring new indie artists & designers on her blog Scoutie Girl. She’s recently handed the reins of this blog over to Tara Gentile, so she can spend more time with her fabric & family, but she’s set the bar for blogs that supports peeps like me, and I (and MANY MANY others) are very grateful for all the work she’s done.

Although I’ve been meaning to post about how inspirational she is for quite awhile, what got me off my  bum is that she’s in 2nd place in an Etsy poll that closes in under 3 days…the winner of the poll gets to be featured on Etsy. I’d love it (and so would she) if you took a couple of seconds and clicked on over here and voted for her!

Enjoy your weekend!

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My Luck continues! A post Jan over at Scoutie Girl wrote yesterday alerted me to a fabulous new blog: Going Home to Roost. It’s a blog about (quoting Bonnie, the owner of this particular home):

going home to roost is dedicated to a simpler way of life and focuses on handmade style and design. it features talented artisans, designers & eco indieprenuers. it also includes some handmade how-to’s, recipes and whole-living tips to boot.  it’s purpose is to provide daily inspiration and to allow its readers to feed their creative mind!”

Well, she had me at her tagline – “simply handmade an homegrown”. She has absolutely brilliant photos, and just look at these (on sale in her Etsy shop)


Birds + Apples = what could be wrong? AND, I've got a clothesline piece in my mind...


mmm...woolfelt...delicious in both texture & color

Lovely! AND, she was having a little contest offering a free month of advertising on her blog – and I WON! WooHoo!

Thanks Bonnie! (And thanks Jan for posting!)

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I have won ANOTHER giveaway! From a company that I find inspirational: Ecojot is a Canadian company makes 100% post-consumer recycled paper products. So, they are BEAUTIFUL as well as very Earth Friendly!

I was first drawn to their stuff by seeing Carolyn Gavin’s art somewhere on the internet. Her cartoony style, combined with awesome color combinations are right up my alley! Her blog is full of inspirational eye candy!

The contest was sponsored by “Ecojotter”, an “Eco-Enthusiast” who has a blog devoted to all things Ecojot.

What did I win? Feast your eyes on these:

Ecojot01 copy

A perpetual agenda, along with 2 sweet little notebooks. I’ve also been looking around my area to see if any local stores carry this line, and lo & behold, my local Barnes & Noble does, so I had to but that cute medium notebook to complete my collection!

One of the new things I’d like to make is a journal cover, very similar to my notetakers, but holding a spiral bound notebook instead of the tear off pad. One of the issues that I’ve been fussing over with this idea is what notebook to put inside…well, I think I’ve solved that problem:

These fit the bill perfectly…Eco-sound sketchbooks, with a nice stiff cover, begging to be part of a little Candied Fabrics Art. It’s a little scary contemplating ordering a bunch of these wholesale, without any idea if they would sell. What do you think?

Eco-jotter is hosting a little contest over on Flickr, asking folks to photograph their Ecojots in action, so as I’m using my new agenda to plan our Yellowstone vacation, I thought it would be a great shot:

Ecojot02 copy

The contest is decided by the number of stars and comments a particular photo gets, so if you’d like to go vote for mine…well that would be awesome!

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Inspiration Bookhou

Do you know bookhou?

It is an artistic collaboration between Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth. They have both a website and a brick & mortar store in Toronto.

Their aesthetic is clean and spare, with wonderful screen printed sketches on lusciously textured linen. What 1st drew me to them is their fabric boxes, there’s something about making a structured shape from fabric that really excites me, and these are fabulous:

image   image


 They also have wonderful bags:




What’s that fabulous house shape behind the bag you say?

It’s these:


Because they also work in wood!

Look at this awesome kids chair:


and the incredible texture on this bench:


You may remember that I’ve been quite enamored of the house shapes lately! Well, those wood houses were in my mind while working on my Robin Ferrier inspired quilt “Robin’s Neighborhood”, especially those wee little green houses on the navy blue on the right hand side:

robin finished 2 copy

And if the wonderful inspiration from them weren’t enough, I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a giveaway they just had of a prototype for a new bag:


That folds up into it’s own little storage bag:


Thank you Arounna & John!!!!

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Okay, I never said I had a dull sense of color! It’s just when I was working on this quilt, it seemed like this lovely chartreuse I’ve dyed worked well with just about everything, and worked well at separating lots of the stronger colors. So, when choosing the color of thread to quilt in the ditch, I of course chose…chartreuse!

Anyway, I blogged about the inspiration and process of this quilt over at Robin’s over the weekend. I had way too much on my plate that weekend, but found that it provided some creative impetus to “git ‘er done”…well, almost done. The quilt sat on my wall for a day or 2, and I realized it needed more stripes/walkways around the outside edge. So, for better or worse, here’s the final quilt:

robin finished_thumb[1]

It still doesn’t have a name, but besides the label it’s done. And I need a daylight picture: the plum color is not as dark as it appears, and the blue is not as bright. What I love about it is that the colors are very different than what I’ve been working with lately – and I like them! Again, here’s the color palette I drew from Robin’s inspiration quilt:

colors copy_thumb[1]

I’ve got a folder filled with images whose color combination inspire me, I’m definitely going to go the next step and create a palette like I did above, it really helped me focus on what I was trying to achieve.

In interest of full disclosure…we bloggers are apt to show off our workspace at their best, me included. Any old who, here’s what it looked like during the making of this piece! YIKES!

robin 006_thumb[1] robin 005_thumb[1] robin 003_thumb[1]

The me of this moment doesn’t know how i can stand the chaos, but during the heat of the moment, I don’t mind it – what is a testament to the zone I CAN get into – the creating zone! YAY!

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