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So, not only did a few of you just LOVE the photo of Ciana, my friend Julie’s baby who is wearing her recent gift from me, it turns out that sometimes these tie dye baby gifts turn out to be loved for years! 7 years ago my friend Rachel had a girl, Miriam, and I sent out some tie dye. I had a message from her just a couple of weeks ago that her younger daughter Natanya, who is 4, ended up selecting Miriam’s flannel receiving blanket I had sent out years ago as THE BLANKIE! And…THE BLANKIE had been lost – could I make another?

Well, OF COURSE! It’s nice to know the gifts we make with our hands are appreciated, and if they are THE comfort item, well then, they MUST be replaced. Anyway, here are 2 differnt flannel blankies I made, I hope one of them is close enough for Natanya to accept as a substitute!


Natanya-1 Natanya-2 Natanya-3

After posting these pix, I see that I have serendipitously placed the pix so you can see that the 2 blankies were dyed in the same tub – neat!

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I love babies in Tie Dye!

Don’t you? Here’s a picture of baby Ciana, the daughter of my old college pal Julie in tie dye I made for her – isn’t she a happy baby? And I see that she’s lying on the quilt Julie’s sister made for her to take to college (GULP!) can it be 26 YEARS ago she and I started college. My GOD how time flies! Yikes!

Ciana in her tie-dye from Candy

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She Loves it!


So, I made her come to my house to pick up her birthday present – what a jerk I am! No matter, she loves it! Phew!

Scroll down to the previous post to see the house up close & personal!

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Teahouse for Liz

Quick…what’s bergamot?   Some sort of wildflower, you say?  Well…yes…and no!

My good friend Liz had a birthday this week. I had to do something extra nice for her because she’s such an awesome friend. Anyway, she’s English and loves Earl Grey Tea. She also really loved the art houses I did recently. Couple that with the fact that I saw this little house over at Sue Bleweiss’s blog awhile ago, and I knew I had to make Liz her own little art house that stores her beloved Earl Grey Tea!

So, as any self respecting tea drinker knows, Earl Grey is File:Koeh-184.jpgblack tea flavored with bergamot, so looking for inspiration, I did a quick google and discovered that the bergamot that flavors Earl Grey tea is an orange, Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia to be exact! (Info and image from Wikipedia) It’s a pear-shaped, bitter fruit and grows best in Calabria, Italy! Who knew….certainly not me!

The other bergamot (Monarda didyma) is also known as Scarlet Beebalm. Pretty, but not a tea flavoring!

Any old who… this was the inspiration I needed to focus on a design for a teahouse! I constructed it similarly to my other 3-d houses, but becasue of the small size of it (the sides of the house are 3.5” x 4”), most of the construction was done by HAND! Through PELTEX! AAAHHH! The only thing that made it bearable (besides a strong thimble) is that the zigzagging around all the edges made little holes for the needle to go through. Anyway, I got this far on the sewing machine:


And then I spent some quality time with my thimble. The end result is worth it:







Yes, that is a homemade Dorset Button. I Hope she likes it…and I hope she can keep from peeking at my blog like I told her until she gets it in person!

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Look – it’s a quilt!


I’ve spent so much time sewing bags and dyeing scarves, it’s been a while since I’m made an actual quilt! This one is for a baby due to Co & Vatsan in under a month! I also made a pillow from scraps so I could try out the quilting scheme I was thinking about before committing to quilting the quilt!

I also made some tie dyed baby bags – these were the best things to put my boys to sleep in…I wish I had had Dharma trading available when they were little – they have blanks that are perfect:


Funny thing is, although I told them that they should use it – Vatsan insisted it go on the wall! I guess this means they like it!



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Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Max,

Since you’re less than one year old, what you’ll like most about Christmas is the wrapping paper and boxes…you won’t give a hoot about what’s inside them.  I made something for your room for you – so instead of sending it to Massachusetts just so it could get sent back to your home in Idaho, I’ll send it straight there! Plus, I just finished it this morning! Anyway, here are some pix of it:




You’ll definitely know all the colors of the rainbow, and how a color wheel works long before any of your peers! When I was making your tree quilt this summer, I had to do a practice bird to make sure I liked what I I was planning to do on your quilt, and it sparked a birdie obsession! So I thought it only fitting that I add some more birds to your room! I KNOW your Mom will love them, and your poor Dad will have to figure out how to mount them to the ceiling, but heck, that’s what Dads are for.

Merry Christmas to you and all my family back home. I wish I were there to wake everyone up early so we could open presents!!!!

Love, Auntie Candy

p.s. I hope you & your Mom & Dad had an uneventful journey today! Please sleep a lot, they need the rest 😉   LOL


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That’s it, I’m done! No more shows for me! Last week was hard, with 4 days of selling added on top of teaching my last week of classes. And, I probably won’t do those 2 shows again – but it was worth it this year, as my little business is “in the black” for this year! WooHoo! Now it’s on to finishing that pesky grading and making lots of Christmas presents! Next Saturday is the last day to get priority mail boxes sent out in time for Christmas delivery, so I’ve got my deadline!

And, becasue you can’t have a blog entry without pictures, below are some outtakes from this years Chrstmas card photo shoot:xmas-1





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Mini quilt for Zoe

Here’s a little quiltlet I made as part of a baby shower present:


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It’s up, and looks like he likes it. Yay!

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Art for Max

So, my step-sister Pam had a baby recently, a real cutie named Max. Talking to her on the phone shortly after he was born, she could tell I was hinting around at what I should make him and she asked for something to put on his wall. I know she likes the kind of stuff I’ve been doing lately, but still, so many possibilities…

One thing I really like is assembling a larger piece of art out of smaller pieces (if you couldn’t tell), but I was kind of drifting around waiting for inspiration when a PB catalog came, with this image inside – bingo! Love that idea! I’ve also been working with some abstract pieces where I do fun, not necessarily lifelike quilted designs in leaves:

Falling Leaves, 15" x 18"

Falling Leaves, 15" x 18"

Leaves Shoulder bag, recycled wool

Wall pocket for interfacing scraps & release paper

Wall pocket for interfacing scraps & release paper

SO, knowing that I get stressed when I’m making a surprise, I decided that it wouldn’t be a surprise – I had Pam & Tommy take a look at all these images and asked them if they’d like this sort of thing – YES, was their answer! Phew! Also, we knew the baby was a boy, and his room is painted a creamy yellow, so that sort of provides some more boundaries. Off I go!

I worked up a general design in EQ6 and printed off the pattern and placed it on my design wall (ahh! lots of tape was involved getting those 30 some pages together!):

I dyed some dark brown, light blue & lots of differnt greens:

Then I traced each tree branch onto some Wonder Under release paper and used an iron to fuse the lines to the back of

This new table is a bit narrower, so when I open up the cutting table all the way, there's room to walk all the way around.

This new table is a bit narrower, so when I open up the cutting table all the way, there's room to walk all the way around.

brown fabric (this is a great tip I learned from Frieda Andersen). I cut out the branches and pieces of blue fabric 5″ larger than each size rectangle I needed, then folded a 2 1/2″ margin around each blue piece (this part is for wrapping around the stretcher bar). I then lay this all out on my cutting table:

After fusing the branches on, made the quilt sandwich and “sketchy-quilt” outlined the branches. I put the fabric rectangles on my working wall and went to town cutting out & placing leaves. I also made another smaller piece to try out this concept before I began on the large pieces:

Leaves 1

Leaves 1

I’m so glad I did that, because I realized that doing complex & differnt designs in each leaf for the whole tree would be TOO MUCH! So, I added a little red apple (I quilted Max’s name here), a little red bird for another bit of zing, quilted Pam/ Tommy & Max’s birthdate on 3 of the leaves and the rest I just did some more sketchy outlines.

I LOVED the little birdie I put in the tree, so I made some more little guys to try out differnt quilting styles before getting the one chance to do it on Max’s tree:

Anyway, just got a voice mail from Pam & Max – they love his tree – YAY! Hopefully we’ll have a picture of it installed along with Mr Max himself before not too long!

Max Rowell Family Tree, 68" x 46"

Max Rowell Family Tree, 68" x 46"

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