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My studio does NOT always look like this! Here it is, (minus the diet coke cans, they had to go, they were multiplying without me) right now:

I’ve got this evening, 2 full days, and 2 more evenings until it’s time for my largest show of the year! YIKES!



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Guest Post on Hue

Hello again! I’m a guest poster over on Hue, the color-centric design blog of Rachel Perls. She’s on vacation in Tuscany, lucky gal, while all I’ve got is this shirt:


Actually, my post is all about trying to match hues on silk, rayon and cotton…go take a look!


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Well, the end of the summer is fast approaching, and for me, school is rearing it’s ugly head. I’m definitely going to be slowing down on the blogging front, because work is really starting to pile up!

Although I’ve thanked you all individually, I’ll do it again right here: thanks so much for your advice on my font choices (and if you’d still like to chime in, the more the merrier!). I’m really working in a vacuum here most of the time, I love getting feedback! So thank you!

I won’t fret over how much I have to do right now…instead, I want to show you a new style of tote bag:


I LOVE my canvas bags – they’re pretty, tough as nails, and full of useful pockets. They’re also very labor intensive, which is why I’m going to a commission model on them, making them exactly for a particular user. One of the tough things about making bags is making sure no raw edges are exposed – and the more parts & pieces there are, the more seams to worry about.

What I’ve been thinking about is designing a very simple bag where the focus is on a spectacular piece of dyed fabric – my dyer’s weight fabric rather than the heavy canvas. The hope is I could create something beautiful and simple, with a pattern that easily adapts to differently sized pieces of fabric. Usually when I work on bags, I have a “pattern” that looks like this: Image1_0204 copy

This bag’s 1st & only draft pattern looked like this:


And it’s all that I needed!

Inside a simple divided patch pocket and key leash (ALWAYS gotta have a key leash!)Simple-Tote7

The dimensions of this one were so one of my big notetakers would fit inside, along with LOTS of other books:


I’m working on a commission tote with a special request for one long strap rather than the two handles, so here was a perfect opportunity to try this concept out:


I LOVE it – and now know it’ll work great on the commission!

I also love the little triangle-fold detail here: Simple Tote_0030

The one thing I was NOT prepared for was how much structure I got from just a single layer of fleece and med. weight fusible interfacing – this tote bag is completely empty, and look, it’s holding up my ruler! WooHoo!


So, my friends, I think this prototype works great, I’ll probably incorporate some sort of closure (magnetic snap I think) and I’m looking forward to whipping up a few more of these fun bags!


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I know this doesn’t look like much, but this is all the fabric pieces, properly cut, fused to interfacing (the outside pieces get interfacing & batting) for 30 new journal covers (still need name!). It’s the WORST part of making, and the more I make at a time, the longer it takes! AAAHHH! Lets see how much I can get done today!

Lots of Pieces 3 copy

Lots of Pieces 2 copy

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“…she’s too busy cutting & fusing right now. Please leave a message after the beep…………BEEP”!


Image1_0204 copy

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What are these? you ask!

Eco Covers Group 07 copy

Do you remember the notebooks I won the other day? They are made by Ecojot, a Canadian company makes 100% post-consumer recycled paper products. And although the covers are beautifully designed by Carolyn Gavin, I have been searching for just the right notebooks to make covers for! I love making notetakers & notelets:

notelets 005 except for the 2nd to last step, wrestling very thick peltex into the cover – it has to fit just right, and it drives me crazy! SO, I’ve been looking for notebooks to cover with very stiff covers, so I didn’t have to worry about so much stiffness. The other issue with these is they hold tear-off sheet pads,

Notetakers and I wanted to find nice spiral bound notebooks/sketch pads so the paper can remain in them more permanently. I’m also trying to use recycled paper as much as possible: man do these Ecojots fill all my criteria, Plus, they have plain brown styles of just about their entire line, so I don’t have to feel guilty about covering up Carolyn’s pretty covers! This is one of those ideas I’ve had in the back of my mind for over a year now, and I’m always on the lookout in Office Depot, etc…

Any old who…I’ve abandoned all other projects for the past 2 and a half days, I’ve gone through 7 different versions:

Eco covers_0025 copy

And these are now ready for production! These photos are NOT the best, but I’m too excited to stop and try to take more!

Eco Covers Group Labels copy

1st up is the largest size (6” x 9”), the Eco-Agenda. It is a perpetual datebook along with 100 pages of lined paper in the back:

Eco Agenda 01 copyEco Agenda 04 copy Eco Agenda 02 copyEco Agenda 03 copy Next up is the Eco-Agenda & the Eco-Doodle. Both are 5” x 7” and have 80 sheets of paper, either lined or unlined!

Eco Doodle 01 copy Eco Doodle 03 copy Eco Doodle 05 copyEco Doodle 02 copy

Last, and cutest is the Mini-doodle: 3” x 4”, it has 50 sheets of drawing paper:Mini Doodle 01 copy Mini Doodle 05 copy

Mini Doodle 02 copy

As you can see, all the covers hold closed with an elastic, and have pen holders and pockets. To give the covers body, they’re interface with med. weight interfacing and batting, and the lovely stiffness comes from the awesome Ecojot covers!

I’m so excited, these are exactly what I’ve been waiting to make, and make I shall! I’ve ordered 50 from Ecojot, and FedEx willing, they’ll be here before I leave for Idaho in 10, 9, 8 days – yikes! Here’s hoping the folks up in Sandpoint like these, cause I’m making a bunch for my trunk show there!

just in case you haven’t seen enough pictures:

Eco covers_0036 copy Eco Covers Group 02 copy

I’ve got work to do!

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Getting it done.

Big surprise…the more time I spend surfing the web, the less I actually get done! With the countdown to vacation at 10 days, I’ve really got to put my nose to the grindstone. I kept blog reading to a bare minimum yesterday, only reading the blogs I’ve put in a special category called “1st read”, the others will get read at night when I’m relaxing on my chaise…isn’t that why they invented laptops?

Speaking of the chaise, last Friday I got a bee and my bonnet, and found bamboo blinds for lots of $$$ off at Bed, Bath & Beyond, had the hubby install them, dyed fabric for some side panels, had hubby install some fancy picture lights above the 2 quilts that have been sitting unused in my house for months, and the living room is pretty much complete! I’ve hung a couple of quilts in the Dining room, but those will change, hopefully sooner then later. Here’s the before and here is the after:

Living Room Curtains_0013 copy Living Room Curtains_0015 copy Living Room Curtains_0019 copy Living Room Curtains_0037 copy Living Room Curtains_0050 copy

Now, I’m putting my nose back to the grindstone!

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Getting unblocked

Lisa Call wrote a post about being blocked last night (scroll down it’s at the end). I wrote such a long response to her that I though it blog worthy, as it speaks to where I’ve been lately!

I too get blocked when I have so many things that I want to do, and some silly thing gets in my way. One way that helps me is to physically clear up/clean out something that’s been bothering me. Some of it was forced upon me, and right now what I’m doing is reorganizing a large portion of the house…projects that I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time, but finally had the extra $ to buy the extra bookcase and the husband has a day or 2 free to help with the large moving. A trip to Ikea yesterday netted not only the extra bookcase we needed, but *insert choir of angels singing* a chaise lounge for ME! My beloved Gigi (my maternal grandmother who passed away when I was in college) had a pink satin chaise lounge in her bedroom, with a pink satin down duvet (I called it a “puff”) that I used to sleep on when I was a girl. It has created a very fond place in my mind for chaise lounges. On our way to the checkout we stopped at the as is and lo and behold:

image (except it didn’t look like this, it was an unslipcovered, footless version.) Although I originally was going to make a slipcover for it, after a check on the price on the white cotton slipcover, that also made it’s way into the basket. The slipcover is now in buckets on my back lawn, being dyed a crumple green. I CAN’T WAIT!

What also helps and doesn’t cost money or needing hubby’s time is cleaning/re-organizing the studio. If there’s too much clutter, I find I can’t work. If it looks like this:
Then WooHoo! wild animals can’t drag me out of it. So I decluttered the studio yesterday, and this would have been enough to get me back on track if I didn’t have this other huge project to get to – so I’ll get that done and then ShaZaam! I should have 2 really nice spaces for creating in and relaxing in after creating!

I’m back to sorting books for the big book move of 2009! Posts to come!

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Good to Know

Here’s an amazing project started over at pikaland, with advice/inspiration from artists and other creative folk. Their 1st topic they cover is about overcoming a creative block. Amazingly good advice!

Good to Know: Issue #1

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Item Date Due % Done
Floral quArt 3/20/2009 100%
30 Tie Dye shirts etc…for Elixer 3/20/2009 100%
Design Clutch – Will Tuba 3/26/09 100%
10 Notelets 4/24/09 20%
5 Warm Colors Grab & Go 4/24/09 0%
5 Warm Colors Clutch 4/24/09 0%
30 Going Green Totes 4/24/09 30%
5 Cool Colors Clutch 4/24/09 0%
Cool Colors quArt 4/24/09 0%
Crazy Colors Bags 4/24/09 0%
5 Cool Colors messengers 4/24/09 15%
Candied Fabrics Quilt 4/25/09 0%
Medium tote for Nicholle’s sister 5/30/09 0%
Laptop bag for Liz 5/31/09 0%

Slowly but surely, but dear Lord, I’ve been sneezing all day and I’ve got that sore throat creeping up in the back of my nose…AAAHHH!!!! no time to be sick!

And because no post is complete without a picture – here’s the 1st piece of art I ever sold…Just under 2 years ago at my 1st art show. It’s a “construction” of several of my little pieces of quArt (see larger description of quArt here).

quArt construction LH

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