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I’m a little distracted this week…I’m trying to get ready for my other big show of the season:

AFC 09 Email Invite But I’m also putting the final touches on the new website with the help of my fantastic web designer, Tara (a.k.a. Scoutie Girl)! 

Here’s hoping all goes well and it launches next week soon, (no jinxing here!) I’ve got a fantastic giveaway planned! WooHoo!

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New Business Cards!

My new business cards are in – and I LOVE them! PSPrint is the company I used this time. They are

  • Pretty inexpensive ($38 for 250 with full color both sides including shipping) with no download fees
  • I chose the slowest shipping option, they upgraded me to a faster one
  • PSPrint often has sales (one of the reasons they were so cheap),
  • Closely compare to MOO quality, (not QUITE as thick) but the price made the difference for me (I do like that you can have lots of different photos on the back of MOO cards, but the cost really was much higher)

Here’s a quick photo:

The file’s I sent them are pictured here

Thanks again to all the folks who chimed in with their 2 cents – I really love these, and you all helped!

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Well, I had to scurry and take advantage of 60% off business card prices at PSPrint that expires on Monday. A couple of weeks ago I got some EXCELLENT advice from 18 kind readers…thank you all again!

Most of us (me included) like the informality of Saginaw better, so  I decided to go with that. I did change the kerning around the letter i to make the name more legible, as well as other small tweaks to size and spacing. I’ve also decided to make them 2-sided!

PsPrint business card back outlines


Then, when I need more business cards, I can make them feel new by putting a different image on one side, but not have to fuss with the other side (that’s the hope anyway, I’m such a tweaker that I’ll probably do it anyway!And since I was in the swing of things, I also designed a vinyl banner to hang at the top of my EZ-Up for shows, this thing is going to be 8’ wide by 1’ tall:

Candied Fabrics 8' Banner Outlines

And another sign to cover the front of my stand I use to store packaging and have customers write checks on, about 2’ wide by 4’ tall. Only TODAY did I discover live trace and use it to trace 2 of my birdies from a picture of one of my art quilts…holey MOLEY, what I’ve been missing! All those lollipop flowers I drew by hand in Illustrator, who knew there was an easier way…NOT ME! Oh well, I know now!

Candied Fabrics 22 by 41 Sign OUTLINES

The cheapest place I’ve found to print banners is Empire Banners, I’ll let you know if they’re any good!

I’m really liking these! And I REALLY like that they’re DONE! Phew!

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Although I’ve been back from Yellowstone National Park for a month, I’ve just started to scratch the surface of all the picture I took! I’m hoping to get a lot of inspiration for new color combinations, both for my scarves as well as my quilts. Here’s the 1st palette from Yellowstone, created from a picture I took of what was the most spectacular blue pool, called Sapphire pool, located in the  Biscuit Basin.


Amy, from the blog Things We Make, has a series called “Inspired Image”, where she asks an artist some questions about, wait for it… an inspiring image! 😉 Any old who, this picture & my response can be found over there! Amy created this blog as “a place for artists, artisans and crafters to show off their work and share what inspires their creativity”. It’s a wonderful site to spend some time. Thanks Amy!

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Font Advice Welcome!

If you’ve been reading along with me this summer, you know I’m working on a new website. I’ve been trying things out, and I think I’m close to a new look. I love to use a somewhat fancy font for the large type info (business name), and then a simpler font for the nitty gritty info, that’s usually in smaller print (tagline, etc…). I’ve been using Harrington for the fancy font since I started this little venture. I love all its curliques, but it feels just a bit too formal for me:



What I’ve been looking for is a font that gives a feel of something being done by hand. This new font, Saginaw, has more of that feeling.



(This is my new business card I’m working on, but once I decide on a font scheme, it’ll be used consistently across all my print stuff.) (This is where my Spoonflower prints came from too…)

Anyway, I’d like your input. My husband likes the legibility of Harrington better than Saginaw, so I doubt myself!

Does Saginaw come across with the feel of what Candied Fabrics is? Can you read it? Do you love the old Harrington…or should I keep looking for something else?

Earth Wind Fire Pallette Saginaw




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Busy Day

I spent several hours today meeting with the 3 other members of the operating board for an art show we’re planning for november. We started “Artists for a Cause” about 2 years ago, with the intention of donating 20% of our proceeds to a local Redlands charity each year. Our 1st year we were a group of 6, last year we added 3 more for a total of 9, and now, we’re really expanding and will have a total of 14 local artists, as well as 2-3 Art Students from the University of Redlands. I love working with these ladies, and it feels great to be working for a local cause, but man, planning a show is a LOT of WORK!

I’ve been asked to submit 2 articles on photographing & how I built my light tent, so that’s been another thing on my plate – I sent that off at 9PM tonight, so a big woohoo there! I’ll let you know if/when it’s published

And, Stirling makes the big time again – this time, he’s part of a “pets on furniture” post on Desire to Inspire!

I’m in the throes of dyeing lots of pieces of canvas, so boring pictures there, here’s a picture of me mid-organizing and photographing scarves from the other day, just in case you thought I’m being a slacker!


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More Blog Mentions!

Hello World! I got mentioned on not 1, but 2 blogs yesterday! Cosa Verde is an online showcase for environmentally-friendly hand made items. I’ve been listing my Going Green Totes & Going Green Journal covers there. I love this site because they really put their money where their mouth is: they plant ten trees for every new store opened on the site, and donate 10% of all subscription fees paid to the charity of the artists’ choice. This sounded like a great place to market my environmentally friendly wares, and I hope to expand those offerings in the future (I’m still searching for an economically feasible source of organic PFD fabric). They also have a blog to talk about the artists in this marketplace, and a blurb about my journals was featured yesterday!Cosa VerdeI’ve been spending more time Twittering in the past week or so, and discovered craft nouveau that way. In their own words, craft nouveau is “where the cool crafters hangout online!” ANd of course, because I’m super cool, they featured my little art house in their debut “Flickr Friday” feature!

craft nouveau I’m flattered and grateful for these wonderful mentions, and hope it leads more folks to my little corner of the blog-o-sphere!

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