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Moving time!

I’ve been talking the talk, now I’m walking the walk! My website is up and running! I’m planning a big give-away to celebrate, so check here tomorrow for more details:


Subscribers,  if you could please change your reader settings for my new feed:


I would be much obliged! The fun never ends!

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Birdus interruptus! I’ve been having so much fun taking pix of these little guys and using all my fancy dancy new software…but today I’ve got to post my Modish Biz-Tips monthly goal meetup. Well, September flew past, but I AM getting some things done! Darn that day job though! (Kidding – Love my day job, couldn’t eat or wear clothes without it)

Item Date Due % Done
Tote for Pam 9/7/09 100%
Tote/Grab n’go for Tara 9/7/09 100%
Computer bag for Davida 9/2/09 100%
Small quilt for RAA Animal Show 9/18/09 100%
Laptop bag for Mary 9/30/09 0%
3-d Birdhouses 9/30/09 0%
3-d Row Houses 9/30/09 0%
Dye lots of scarves & fabric 9/30/09 80%
4 Baby Quilts 9/30/09 0%
Large Messenger for ME! 9/30/09 0%
Sept RAA Newsletter 9/8/09 100%
Photograph Scarves for website ?? 70%
Order Scarves 9/15/09 100%
Design/order business cards 9/15/09 100%
Design/order banner 9/15/09 100%
Website?? 9/30/09 ?
RAA Newsletter 9/7/09 100%
Looking Ahead for Shows:    
Going Green Baby Onesies 10/15/09 40%
Going Green Totes 10/15/09 40%
Small quArt: Branch & Bird series! 10/15/09 100%
Simple Totes 10/15/09 0%
More Going Green Scribblers 10/15/09 0%

I’ve now got to switch gears and focus on the smaller stuff that I have a larger chance of selling. I’m sad that the baby quilts that are presents for beautiful new babes are going to languish on my list for a couple more months…

Item Date Due % Done
Dye lots of scarves & fabric 10/15/09 80%
New, simple portfolio printed 10/15/09 0%
Label everything for sale in booth 10/15/09 0%
2-3 Cool Large Totes 10/15/09 0%
3 Cool Messengers 10/15/09 30%
Oct RAA Newsletter 10/13/09 0%
Going Green Baby Onesies 10/15/09 40%
Going Green Totes 10/15/09 40%
Small quArt: Natural Silhouettes 10/15/09 0%
Simple Totes 10/15/09 0%
More Going Green Scribblers 10/15/09 0%
Laptop bag for Mary 10/30/09 0%
3-d Birdhouses 10/30/09 0%
3-d Row Houses 10/30/09 0%
Photograph Scarves for website ?? 70%
Website?? ?? ?
Baby Quilts 10/30/09 0%
Large Messenger for ME! 10/30/09 0%

Yikes, sure looks like a lot of stuff to get done…I know it won’t ALL get done, but baby, if I’ve got some free time, I’ve got a huge LIST of things to pick from!

The biggest show I do each year is coming right up:clip_image001


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Teal Branch & Birds

Here’s my 1st batch! These are all 5” x 5”, and imaginatively named “Branch & Bird # 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5”.

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Yup, I did! The theme for the current show at my local art association was Animals, and I’d be a monkey’s uncle if I didn’t make a birdie quilt just for this show! I took my own advice, and used one of my palettes (no, not the new one…the cool one…I’ve got to fuse a bunch of the jewel fabrics and I didn’t have time!) Choosing a limited palette really helps me focus, and I love how the red & chartreuse pop against each other, so I wanted to get that happening.

Little Birdies Neighborhood 17" x 13"

I really didn’t think too much about this one…actually, the most thought went into the actual construction. I wanted to give more stiffness to this, so I quilted the birds & the roots with the fabric fused to batting, and then I fused the whole thing to a piece of peltex (the stuff that stiffens baseball cap brims) and quilted the rest. I LOVE how it came out, there’s more dimension, almost like trapunto…I only wish I’d quilted the birds on the peltex too. Anyway, the whole thing stands up by itself:

and I’m sure it would develop a sway back in time, hanging it is a breeze – that little loop took me all of 5 minutes to make – this is a trick I picked up from Laura Wasilowski’s new book Fuse & Tell Journal Quilts, which is awesome! Before i read this book, I was making little quilts, finishing them with triangles at the corners and then tucking peltex in under the corners and gluing a sawtooth hanger to the back: But when I made my little houses, I realized I could quilt through peltex, but I hadn’t really thought through how to hang quilted peltex until Laura – she’s a GENIUS!

Let see what I can get done this weekend! I’ll leave you with a few detail shots…I’m not totally happy with these, but I had to get it to the gallery!

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Well, if you follow me on twitter, you heard me wail this morning – I’m back to work, teaching at the University of Redlands. As I was wandering around my building yesterday, photocopying syllabi and primping my powerpoints, I realized that I do love my job…it’s just that I love vacation more! Sigh…

Any old who, I did some dyeing this weekend just for me! My usual fare is tie dyed tees, usually whatever random white shirt I can dig up at Target in 5 minutes. Here are some tees dyed with a class in mind:

I teach a class called Mother Earth Chemistry in May, one of the big projects we do is brew beer. There is a local craft brewery, Hanger 24, we toured last May, I bought a tee there and dyed it some subltle shades of blue, and a big of brown, to help the orange/brown logo pop:

One of the classes I teach this Fall I call CSI: Redlands, so thought this shirt my hubby bought for me in Las Vegas would be appropriate:

Not for any class in particular, but a Yellowstone tee dyed with my one of many attempts to capture some of the colors I saw this summer:

BUT, what I really wanted to show you are these – rayon blanks I bought from Dharma, they have a much better drape and feel (but have to be ironed…but they’re so pretty, it may be worth it). I’m trying to recreate my silk color palettes on cotton & rayon, it’s not as simple as using the say recipes. I’m getting pretty close with these though:

Earth, Wind & Fire

Wild Rice

Ocean Surf

Black Orchid


There you have it, MY version of back to school shopping!

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Sick Computer

Just a quicky little post to let you know – My computer is sick! Ah! Instead of being depressed, I’m going to use this time to focus on my to do list! Hope you all have fun online without me!

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Warning! Picture heavy post!

I have one of those houses where you’ve got the soaring vaulted ceiling, and the living room is open to the dining room. It’s a doozy to arrange furniture in it, I’ve NEVER been happy with how it’s been arranged, the whole 5 years we’ve lived in it! Here’s what it looked like 4 years ago:

192160879_229d5ea79e_o copy IMG_4878 copy IMG_4883 copy

A little while later I made some curtains to replace those hideous vertical blinds, and this is how it stayed for 4 years, except for the continual moving of the couch and chairs in the living room.

4 years later, my oldest son is taking ‘cello & trombone lessons, and the younger one is also taking ‘cello lessons.Also, my husband practices his trombone at home at the end of the most days. In order to encourage the kids to practice most days, we have them leave their instruments out, and everyone has been practicing in the little transition zone between LR & DR, and leaving their instruments and cases in the DR, like this: (wish I’d taken a before picture…but big surprise, I never wanted to take a picture of the cluttered mess that it was!)

PracticesIt occurred to me that we ought to be using the DR as a MUSIC room, as we only dine in it about 4 times a year, but it wasn’t until 6 weeks ago that I figured out how to make that happen. All I had to do is switch the DR table with the library table in front of the window! Then, my husband built 2 cello stands (and I discovered the joy/horror of how sticky spray glue for foam & fabric can be when added velvet & foam to the inside of the boxes) so the cellos could stand upright safely. I was amazed at how open and airy the room felt! And now there was more room for practicing folk! Finally, the space was arranged for how it was really used…and the 4 times a year we DO use the DR, all we have to do is pack up the instruments and switch the tables! (HOLD on, pictures are coming)

THEN, a MONTH ago, that curved screen, 14 year old TV gave up the ghost with some sparks and more than a wiff of ozone!

So sad 😉

Amazingly enough, I had more than enough money in my business account to justify actually buying a fancy dancy flat screen TV (that, plus they’re really come down in price and we got a terrific deal). Although the $$$ from our salaries in our “real jobs” is spoken for 7 ways til Sunday, the money that I earn as an artist either has to go back into the business – or, I decided 5 seconds after the TV exploded, it should be spent on fun things. So, although I feel incredibly guilty buying an extravagant TV, I justify it this way! Plus, I ignore my dear hubby so, he should at least be able to see what show he falls asleep in front of each night while I’m upstairs sewing and ignoring him! So, with the new TV I really needed get the room closer to my vision of an ideal LR.

infinitum!I’ve been in a funk the past couple of weeks, and realized that I needed to do some de-cluttering of my surroundings. And as my hubby has some free time, I decided we needed to go to Ikea to get ONE more book storage unit, and by combining it with the 3 storage units we were using for storing the bulk of our books  in our bedroom, we could have an awesome media wall. Combine that with my awesome as-is Ikea chaise purchase with the perfectly dyed slipcover – I’ve spent the past 3 days moving over 1000 books downstairs, and moving around literally about 1/3 of all the furniture in our house to new spaces (and discovering 5 year old dust piles! eeewww!) Now my downstairs looks like this! Edit: Actually it looks like this – I made new curtains a week later!

Home June 09_06 copy

Looking down from stairs

Home June 09_09 copy

All this is from the Bonde series (most discontinued now) I just had to buy one of the tall double bookshelves on the right

Home June 09_51 copy

Each of these cupboards holds, no joke, 200-300 books!

Home June 09_19 copy

Home June 09_20 copy

Arranging these will be performance art...I can see me fiddling with these shelves ad infinitum

Home June 09_10 copy Home June 09_26 copyHome June 09_30 copy Home June 09_28 copy Home June 09_44 copy Home June 09_50 copyHome June 09_45 copyHome June 09_25 copy

Home June 09_18 copy

Home June 09_32 copy

Home June 09_41 copy

Stirling, who makes himself at home in EVERY chair/couch!

Home June 09_56 copy

My knittin gbooks - maybe I'll start knitting again, right here!

Home June 09_55 copy

And beautiful agapanthus out my window!

Home June 09_53 copy

Ignore the brown leaves - hopefully these are going to recover from the dreaded tenting!

I never want to leave home! NOW!!!!! I can get on to creating!!!!!

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I’ve been MIA the last few days – our house was tented for termites, so we had to evacuate from Monday thru Wednesday morning.This involves taking anything edible and double bagging it in special bags. Now, even though they said that as long as the food was protected, everything was safe from fumes, I really could NOT move back into the kitchen without cleaning everything we cook with…as well as cleaning all the cupboards, etc… Now, this even was long overdue, but I’d rather have done it a cupboard at a time, rather than all at once. It gave me an excuse to do some serious unclutttering, which was awesome. But the only thing creative I’ve done this week is reorganize kitchen cupboards, so that’s all I’ve got to show you: DSC_0005 DSC_0008

I also generated a number from the giveaway that ran until Tuesday… 1st of all, the comments really made for a swelled head – thanks y’all, I’m glad to see that you can find so much to like in my blog. Thus…# 16 come on down, you’re the next winner! It’s Mary W. who commented:

…So I went back and read every post on your blog, and I think that my favorite thing is that you are doing something you love! It’s so inspirational to me, a person who has yet to figure that out…

WooHoo! What an awesome comment. Yes, I AM doing something that I LOVE! Actually, I try to do as much of that which I LOVE and as little of what I DON’T. I could really expand on this point, because it goes a long way to explaining how I can do the things that I do every day…but simply said, I try to not spend lots of time doing things that i hate…it could be little things like I don’t watch commercials (thank God for Tivo!) or it could be big things like NOT being involved in unproductive relationships.

But right now, I wanna go downstairs and watch some commercial free TV with the Hubby, who was an awesome help today – he’s also great at decluttering stuff…when I get him focused in that direction!

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Post # 100!

Well, I can hardly believe it – but this is my 100th post! It kinda snuck up on me, and then I got “blog-block”, as I pondered what I could post about. As you may, or may not know, I’m a scientist, so data is always fascinating to me, so I thought I’d do a “Top Ten Random Bits of Info About This Here Blog” kind of list. I’d also like to thank people who’ve helped & inspired me to begin blogging in the 1st place, so I’ll have a list of those people too! And THEN, I’ll host a little celebratory giveaway as well, and not advertise it ANYWHERE but right here on the blog, so it will definitely favor the regular blog readers out there! Phew! A big post, but I’m up to the task…are you?

“Top Ten Random Bits of Info About This Here Blog”

  1. It took me 11 months to write 100 posts, so that’s an average of 9 posts a month, or over 2 a week. Of course, some weeks I had lots to say, and others I was kinda quiet, but not too shabby.
  2. I’ve had 22,700 views (I have no idea if wordpress stats include reads on a feed reader, that’s on my list of things to figure out…) but anyway – WOW! That’s an average of 227 views/post!
  3. My views have on average been growing the longer I keep blogging: 8,000 in 6 months of last year vs. 15,000 in 5 months this year.
  4. 441 people have commented (97 in response to my 1st giveaway), to that means that 345 times someone reading my blog felt they needed to respond to it – thank you, kind commenters!
  5. WordPress rocks: I’ve been protected by 276 spam comments, in a very painless manner.
  6. The post with the most traffic is the one where I describe how we made my dual sewing table: 3073 views! I hope it helps people make their own sewing table from $50 of lumber, rather than pay 1000’s for those particleboard covered with plastic things that never are exactly what you want anyway!
  7. The 2nd most popular post is the Recover an Office Chair tutorial, with 782 views. Note to self, get cracking on those tutes you’ve got planned (I even have all the photos for one…)
  8. Here’s a weird one, while the # 1 search term that finds my blog is “Candied Fabrics”, a close 2nd is “Bergamot”! Weird! I talk about bergamot when I made Liz’s Teahouse, but I’m confused as to  why someone looking for info on bergamot would click on over to my blog…
  9. Hours spent writing blogs – there’s NO WAY I’m want to know that!
  10. Most faithful commenter…although I don’t actually have numbers on this one, I’ll bet it’s my stepsister Pam!

“Top Ten Bloggers I’d Like to Thank (in alphabetical order!)”

  1. Beth of Sew, Mama, Sew!, especially for the mention of my sewing table that generates so many hits.
  2. Jan of Daisy Janie & Scoutie Girl: She is a wealth of info on all things sewing business related.
  3. Jane Davila of Chary Sprouts: I love her quiet, consistent style, and her Art House was a huge inspiration for mine, and started me down the road to 3-d art – I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m loving the journey!
  4. Jena of Modish & Modish Biz Tips: Lots of info on the indie design world and fabulous helpful starting your own  business tips.SHe lit a fire under my behind – I’ve purchased my domain name and have begun designing my own website!
  5. Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio: I’ve had great fun pattern testing for her, she’s gracious enough to let me sell notetakers made with one of those patterns, and she answers ALL my nosy questions about how her she’s developing her own fantastic business.
  6. Kathreen of Whip Up: Mentions on this blog also drive up the hit counts – woohoo!
  7. Lisa Call: She has amazing drive, and her personal story of developing her art is truly inspiring.
  8. Melody of Fibermania: Hands down, she has shared so much about artistic process on her blog – she truly is the person who has most allowed me to develop as an artist.
  9. Robin of Simply Robin: She pushed me to begin blogging by starting a group blog, and inspires me with every post she writes.
  10. Sue Bleiweiss: Her creative way of using Timtex (and it’s cheap cousin Peltex) get’s me thinking about textiles in a whole new way.

Another Celebratory Giveaway!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re in for a treat! I’d like to give away another Going Green Tote…so:

Going Green

  • Leave a comment by next Tuesday (June 2). Let me know what your favorite post on this here blog was, or really, anything at all on this blog that you like…if there’s nothing here that you like…then why are you here? 😉
  • Be sure to include contact info – if I don’t here back from you after notification by July 2, I’ll move on to someone else. ( international folks, I’d like you to help with postage if you win…ok?)
  • One entry per person – this means you Pam! 😉

And to ALL the folks that read my blog – thank you so much, I know I wouldn’t have kept this up if I was only talking to myself…and I know that blogging has helped me develop, artistically, and business-wise too! 3 cheers for the blog-o-sphere!

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Design Sponge has a post today about artist and designer Winifred Ross Riley. Look at these:


So fantastic! A grouping, on a wall, of house shapes! MAN this really does it for me! Into the idea hopper it goes! Make sure to check the whole post out!

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