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I’ve been MIA the last few days – our house was tented for termites, so we had to evacuate from Monday thru Wednesday morning.This involves taking anything edible and double bagging it in special bags. Now, even though they said that as long as the food was protected, everything was safe from fumes, I really could NOT move back into the kitchen without cleaning everything we cook with…as well as cleaning all the cupboards, etc… Now, this even was long overdue, but I’d rather have done it a cupboard at a time, rather than all at once. It gave me an excuse to do some serious unclutttering, which was awesome. But the only thing creative I’ve done this week is reorganize kitchen cupboards, so that’s all I’ve got to show you: DSC_0005 DSC_0008

I also generated a number from the giveaway that ran until Tuesday… 1st of all, the comments really made for a swelled head – thanks y’all, I’m glad to see that you can find so much to like in my blog. Thus…# 16 come on down, you’re the next winner! It’s Mary W. who commented:

…So I went back and read every post on your blog, and I think that my favorite thing is that you are doing something you love! It’s so inspirational to me, a person who has yet to figure that out…

WooHoo! What an awesome comment. Yes, I AM doing something that I LOVE! Actually, I try to do as much of that which I LOVE and as little of what I DON’T. I could really expand on this point, because it goes a long way to explaining how I can do the things that I do every day…but simply said, I try to not spend lots of time doing things that i hate…it could be little things like I don’t watch commercials (thank God for Tivo!) or it could be big things like NOT being involved in unproductive relationships.

But right now, I wanna go downstairs and watch some commercial free TV with the Hubby, who was an awesome help today – he’s also great at decluttering stuff…when I get him focused in that direction!

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It’s official – I’ve been in business for 2 whole years! My 1st selling venture was the Red Dirt Art Festival in April of 2007, and here it is, 2 years later, and Red dirt is coming up next weekend! It’s amazing, everything that’s happened in my artistic life, in these past 2 years! I’ve had a lot of success, one of the most important things was for me to define what success IS! And for now, my success is defined as:

Being able to financially support my artistic endeavors, and to continue to grow as an artist.

Going Green April 09 001For me, this is a big lesson! Just because I can keep making bags and scarves and selling them doesn’t mean I SHOULD! I want to continue to make the art I want to make as well, not make another $1000 this year…because, lets face it, although $1000 is NOT chump change, it doesn’t go far when it comes to paying the mortgage, or putting food on the table.

So, in celebration of 2 years being in business, I’d like to share a little by offering my 1st giveaway! I made a bunch of going green totes this week, and I’ll be making more in preparation for the next show.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post by Friday, April 24th (make sure to include your email so I can get in touch with you). I’ve been enjoying picking a particular color palette and working within it, right now I’ve got two: In your comment, let me know which colorway you prefer:
notelets 025


notelets 014


  • Edit: One entry/person please – if not, my stepsister Pam will fill the ballot box! 😉
  • I’ll draw one lucky winner who will get their choice of any of the Going Green Totes that are left at the end of the show!  (If you’re international and you win, I’d love some postage help!)

If you’re local, please try to drop by next weekend:


Featuring 25 Local Artists

Ed Hales Park

(Corner of 5th & State street in downtown Redlands)

Saturday, April 25th 10 AM-5 PM

Rain out day the following Saturday, May 2nd

Unique gifts for all occasions

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