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Are People Buying?

Yes, Virginia, they are….but, in my vast experience 😉 selling my work (a total of 7 shows now, the 1st one in Spring of 2007), they are buying smaller, less expensive items. The show I did on Sunday was the 2nd I’ve done since the doom & gloom economy forecasts of this Fall. In both cases, I was busy busy busy, talking to folk and writing up sales – but monetarily I did only marginally better than i did at these shows last year. So I look on these shows as successes – more people are enjoying my work, stopping to talk and buying things. It’s just that they’re buying less expensive items. I expected that this was going to be the case, so I found a less expensive silk blank so I could offer a scarf under the $20 price point. It turns out that I love this weight & type of silk, so I’m glad I went looking forward, it’s definitely going to remain in my repertoire as the economy improves (and it WILL improve!!!)

Show us pictures! Well, I’ve got a couple, but I had to do this setup without my husband who was away on business, so this is all I’ve got:





As you can see, it takes place in a beautiful house (pictured on the invite in this post). Although I felt cramped, and had to take little nooks outside the room I was actually in, I still managed to use more space than some of the other folk in the show. And I just now realize I didn’t get a good picture of my little Grab ‘n Gos:


Thanks goodness I blogged about them the other day, because 4 out of 5 of them got up and went!

I didn’t sell a single larger bag, which is a first for me, but these little guys were really popular! I’ve combined my birds with my baubles and am calling them “Baubles & Birds” when they work together.

Guess which one didn’t sell???!!!

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What will I blog about?

Hello Little Blog!

I haven’t been posting to you, because I haven’t been making much! The last 2 weeks have been a whirl of activity, the biggest of which was my husband playing a concerto with the Redlands Symphony Orchestra last Saturday and Sunday. (He played magnificently!) I also went to all the rehearsals that week to provide him with honest ears (and also enjoy hearing the rehearsals – the orchestra really was into the piece, so they played with great enthusiasm).

We did, however, manage to squeeze Halloween in somehow:

My boys are growing up - Liam carved his pumpkin totally by himself, and Logan managed with little help from me!

My boys are growing up - Liam carved his pumpkin totally by himself, and Logan managed with little help from me!


Spooky! Love my Nikon D40, this was so easy to take!

Please note that my pumpkin is not your ordinary face!


"Pumpkin: Baubles #1"

So, many of the other blogs I read have every day stuff woven into their blog. I enjoy reading those blogs, because it helps keep the art in context. The odd thing about that is when I do actually meet the blogger face to face, I have such insight into their lives, I have a hard time figuring out whether or not to use that info as we talk – it’s a little weird.

Anyway, this is a round about way of saying that I probably won’t be one of those bloggers – if I can’t show off what I’m making, I’d rather be MAKING it than blogging about something else. And of course, I will probably not always follow this guideline!

That being said, I’ve been doing a bunch of art business type stuff and recovering from a cold. My next show is a small one, where I am one of the organizers. We donate 20% of our profits to a local charity – this year it’s a free dental clinic run by the Assistance League of Redlands. This summer I took the pictures, designed the postcard and had it printed at Vista Print. Today was spent sprucing mu my mailing list, printing off 120 labels and sticking them all to postcards! Now it’s full court press to make things for this show!


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